Celtic Countries


Ireland - the scenic Emerald IsleGreen

Authentic Ireland is perhaps best discovered outdoors, unless you are sitting in a music filled pub with some Guinness and friendly locals, of course. Her green hills resonate with myth and history and are meant to be taken in on foot, or a bicycle, or with a golf club in your hand. In fact, Ireland boasts more golf than any other country of its size!

Plan your visit to include exploring the rich historical legacy of her many castles, churches, forts and stately homes and make time for a favorite festival or a culinary destination. Ireland’s booming economy is most evident in Belfast and Dublin where old meets new in an optimistic mix,
but you are still sure to find plenty of hospitable locals and exquisitely
beautiful scenery to warm the heart of any traveler.


Scotland - high-spirited adventureLake

Scots have been playing golf since the 15th century, and Scotland is still the dream destination for avid golfers from St. Andrews hallowed grounds to over 500 other exquisite links. Find culture and beautiful architecture that span the ages in chic Glasgow and in the capital Edinburgh with its attractive medieval feel. The country’s many castles and cathedrals are incomparable and the Scottish Highlands are rugged and romantic. And top all these visual delights by following one of the many Scottish Whisky Trails for visions of a different sort. There is plenty of adventures to be had in wild and beautiful Scotland even if you never catch a glimpse of Nessie….

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